Greeting from the President

Greeting from the President

Do you know what Norway is like? It is a small cold Nordic country, many of you would say, and add that you don’t know much beyond that. Yes it is a country small in population with about 5million people and cold in winter with a half of its land in the north pole zone. But this is not the end of the story. Norway is a wonderful country, a country with beautiful sceneries and also communities where people have developed a way of life which I believe is among the most sensible and interesting in this world.

It is the country of Nobel Peace Prize, from which the first Secretary–General of the United Nations came from, a country promoting world peace and international cooperation as much as any other country in the world. It is a country Japan can and should count as one of the most reliable like-minded nations in the international scenes.

Norwegians love members of their families, have overcome the problem of decreasing younger generation and vigorously promoting gender equality. It also is the biggest winner of gold medals in Winter Olympic Games and at the same time rich in culture as exemplified by Henrik Ibsen, Edvard Grieg and Edvard Munch.

Those who visit Norway will be impressed by the high quality of life achieved in that country and feel like knowing more about that unique and interesting country, making more friends in or from that country and developing close relations with them.

Our Society, a relatively young organization with its history of 34 years, has its membership increasing and is active with various enjoyable events throughout the year.

Aims of our Society as provided in the Articles of the Society are “to promote friendly relations, mutual understanding and cultural interchange between the people of Norway and Japan” and as the reports of our annual activities indicate various activities along the above objectives are promoted including the provision of scholarships to promising students of our two countries. I, as the President of the Society wish to thank Corporate Members for their support of these activities of ours and am also encouraged by the participation and contributions of individual members  in a wide range of activities.

What must come next is the participation of those non-members now interested in our activities. I look forward to seeing more of you soon as new members of our Society. (Masaki Seo, May 30, 2013)


NJS President’s Farewell Message to Amb. Walther at its 35th GM

Your Excellency Ambassador Arne Walther,

It was here in this room five years ago on the 31st of May 2009 that we had the 30th Commemorative General Meeting of our Society. It was also on that occasion that we welcomed you for the first time to our meeting. Since then, Your Excellency, mostly with Madame Anita, have almost always attended important meetings of our Society.

We are very grateful to You Ambassador Walther, for the invariable support and cooperation which you yourself and other members of your Embassy under your guidance have extended to us.

You have established yourself very nicely in Japan and every one who met you and know you respect you very much. In short you have been a bright sunshine from Norway and we will all miss you very much.

As we remember none of the Norwegian Ambassadors to Japan in the past came back to visit us since their departure. We hope if you can, you will establish a new precedent and come back and visit us some time in the future.

As a token of our appreciation and our wishes to see you again, we have decided to send you a booklet filled with our signatures and messages. And now we start this event. which I hope will be concluded in the course of this evening. ( Masaki Seo May 30, 2014)


Yours Sincerely,


Masaki Seo
President of the Norway-Japan Society


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