Exclusive Visit to Idemitsu Museum of Arts

April 27,2015, we have had 21 participants on our NJS Cultural event of 4th Museum Tour at Idemitsu Museum of Arts in a very quiet atmosphere with the Exhibition titled “The Beauty of Asian Art”. Idemitsu Museum has about 15,000 pieces of fine ceramic collections including Chinese, Korean, Japanese and those of other countries. Idemitsu Museum will have it’s 50 years anniversary next year, where they will try to make the exhibition of as many collections of their ceramics as possible.

This Exhibiton with the selection of 164 pieces is the trial for their 50 years’ exhibition next year.

“We may have to wait another 20 year or 30 year to have the chance to see the same again” Mr. Hirokazu Yatsunami, Deputy Manager of the Curatorial Dept, told the NJS group that visited the Museum.

Idemitsu Museum of Arts kindly opened the museum for our visiting group of NJS members as an special occasion on its regular closing day (Mondays).

Mr. Yatsunami presented his lecture of the exhibition and then kindly guided the NJS members in the exhibition area while providing his expert comments and explanations for many of the displayed pieces. His knowledge and insights into the story of the pieces was very interesting, and much appreciated by the attendees.

The Norway-Japan Society would like to express our deep appreciation and thankfulness to Idemitsu Museum of Arts for their kind and generous gesture of opening up their museum for members of the society.

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