Norway Japan Friendship Yacht Race 2016

The 15th Norway-Japan Friendship Yacht Race is taking place in the period of April 10 throughout April 17.

Norway and Enoshima:

The contact between the Enoshima and Norway dates back in 1964 when the King Harald V, then the Crown Prince, participated in the yacht competition during the Tokyo Olympic Games. Enoshima was the venue for the Tokyo OLG sailing competitions. The Enoshima Yacht Club was founded in the same year, 1964.

Enoshima was one of the destinations outside Tokyo during the State Visit in 2001, where the King Harald and Queen Sonja, accompanied by the Emperor and Empress made a visit to EYC on March 28th. Among the people who received the royal/imperial couples were participants/organizers from the Tokyo OL. games who welcomed back the King.  Thereafter, EYC decided to inaugurate an annual yacht race commemorating the reunion, as well as friendship between the 2 countries

The 1st Norway Friendship Yacht Race (NFYR)  was organized in April 2002.

April 10: Dinghy category: open race.
April 16: Dinghy category: OP class (A/B), Cruiser category: IRC class, One-design class.
April 17: Cruiser category: Open class, award ceremony.

Please take this opportunity to visit the wonderful Enoshima and the exciting yacht races and the incredible atmosphere. Especially on Sunday, April 17th, it is expected many visitors to enjoy the last race of the Norway-Japan Friendship Yacht Race.


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