Tokyo, 1979 (Original)

Tokyo, May 2006 (Rev., 1)

Tokyo, May 2014 (Rev., 2)

1. Name and Location

Article 1: The Society shall be called The Norway-Japan Society.

Article 2: The Society shall have its office in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

2. Aims and Activities

Article 3: The aims of the society are to promote friendly relations, mutual understanding and cultural interchange between the people of Norway and Japan.

Article 4: The Society shall hold discussion meetings and lectures, organize study groups, exchange information, conduct research and carry out activities contributing to the attainment of the aims of the Society.

3. Member

Article 5: Members of the Society shall consist of Honorary Members, Corporate Members, Individual Members and Student Members.

Article 6: Applicants for membership shall be proposed to the Society by one member (Corporation, Individual, or Student). Two members of the Board of Directors shall subsequently decide on their acceptability.

       New member(s) accepted by the Board of Directors shall be introduced to the Society at either nearest General Meeting or at the New Year Party.

Article 7: The Honorary Members, subject to their acceptance, shall be nominated by the President with the consent of the Board of Directors.

Article 8:

A) A member who wishes to leave the Society shall file a written notice of his/her resignation with the Board of Directors.

All obligations due to the Society shall be settled in full before his/her resignation becomes effective.

B) A member leaving Japan may, if he/she so desires, be transferred to an absent membership list.

C) For Individual, Student, or Honorary Member: The membership shall be automatically terminated if a member has passed away.

D) For Corporate Member: The membership shall automatically be terminated if the Corporation has ceased to exist.

E) A student member, or the Representative of the Corporation in above D), may be transferred to an Individual membership if he/she wishes so.

Article 9: The Society may remove the name of a member from the membership list upon the decision by the Board of Directors for any of the following reasons:

A) The member has failed to make a satisfactory settlement of outstanding entrance fee, annual fee or other amounts due and payable to the Society, in spite of more than 3 consecutive demands for payment; or

B) The member’s action has brought grave injury or damages to the honour of the Society.

The Board of Directors shall notify the member in question of its intention and allows him/her to represent himself/herself in his/her defense at the Board of Directors meeting.

4. Directors and Officers

Article 10: The Society shall elect not less than seven Directors and one Auditor at the General Meeting. The Board of Directors shall elect among them the following officers:

President one

Vice President two

Treasurer one

Secretary not less than two

Article 11: The President shall represent the Society and exercise supervision over the affairs of the Society. All other officers and Directors shall assist the President in the work of the Society.

Article 12: The term of office of Directors, Auditor shall be two years. At the expiration of their terms, they shall be eligible for re-election.

Article 13: In case a member of the Board of Directors moves his/her residence from Japan for more than 2 years, he/she shall lose his/her position automatically.

5. Meetings

Article 14: Meetings of the Society shall be Annual General Meeting, Directors Meetings and other meetings as required.

Article 15: Annual General Meeting shall be convoked by the President or either one of the Vice-Presidents assigned by the President. The following items shall be submitted for discussion:

A) Election of Directors and Auditor

B) Budget and Settlement

C) Report of activities

D) Plan for activities

E) Revision of Articles of Association

F) Other important matters

The Decision shall be made by majority votes of the members attending the General Meeting.

Article 16: Directors meetings shall be convoked by the President or either one of the Vice-Presidents assigned by the President. The following items shall be submitted for discussion:

A) Nomination of Officers and Auditor

B) Deliberation and formal decision on projects proposed by the Directors

C) Approval of matters to be discussed at the General Meeting

D) Other important matters

The Decision shall be made on majority votes of the Directors attending the Board Meeting. If the number of Directors attending the Meeting is less than half of the Board of Directors, the decision shall be made on majority votes through the e-mail circulated to the Board of Directors.

6. Auditor

Article 17:

A) The Auditor shall audit the Financial Statements of the Society and is entitled to express his/her opinions attending the Board Meeting.

B) The Auditor shall be independent from the Board of Directors and shall make his/her report directly to the President.

7. Accounts

Article 18: The fiscal year of the Society shall be from

1st January to 31st December of the year.

Article 19: Expenditures of the Society shall be met by membership dues and contributions from other sources.

Article 20: Members of the Society (except Honorary Members and Absent Members) shall pay dues as follows:

A) Corporation members:

Admission fee: Upon admission, each Corporation Member shall be requested to pay Yen 20.000, irrespective of the number of persons.

Annual fee: Each Corporation Member shall pay Yen 30.000 per annum. A Member Corporation is entitled to have 3 representatives, and the Member Corporation shall pay Yen 5.000 per person for additional Members.

B) Individual Members:

No admission fee shall be paid by Individual Members.

Each Individual Member shall pay Yen 4,000 per annum. Annual fee is not required by Honorary Members and Absent Members

C) Student Members:

No admission fee shall be paid by Student Members.

Each Student Member shall pay Yen 3.000 per annum.

Student Members will receive discount on selected arrangements announced through the invitation.

Supplementary rules

The President is empowered to appoint, when necessary, Committees which shall be entrusted with the disposal of specified matters.

Workers may be employed when necessary.

Detailed regulations, regarding the Society’s activities shall, if necessary, be proposed by one or more of the Directors and laid down by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors.