Past Awards

 Winners of grants since 2006 below with field of study indicated (where available):

2013 Ayumi Tanaka – Studies in performance jazz piano at the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH)

2012 Yusuku Kaneta – Studies in nano-thermodynamics, which aims to describe thermodynamic properties in molecular-size space (nano scale).

2011 Magnus Dahl – Studies in Japanese culture, environmental resources policy and sustainable development & Natsuka Terada Norwegian and sociology to find out the causes and the consequences of children abuse.

2010 Silje Framnes – Studies in graphic design & Chihiro Ito – Studies on Norwegian folk music and composer Agathe Backer Grøndahl

2009 Anne Fosby – PhD studies on stem-cells and hippocampal/neural development & Yutaka Seta – Studies in social engineering majoring in city planning and community design

2008 Torbjoern Engebretsen – Studies in material science with thesis on dissolution of oxygen by electrolysis (Lake Biwako program)

2007 Chiyuki Narama – Studies in humanity and nature with works on glacier meltdown in central Asia

2006 Tor Erik Nyberg – Thesis in liberal arts on Japanese vs foreign students’ adaptation to universities